adding jello pudding to cake mix

Try adding flour to the mix. I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. I used butter yellow cake with caramel flavored pudding and it was divine! I made 24 cupcakes and had a little left over batter. I have made this countless times and I use the now 15.25 oz cake mix and the smaller box of pudding. It was a hit at the birthday party. I whipped it up and added 2 tbsp lemon juice, t tbsp cream cheese, a tsp vanilla, and ~1/2 cup powdered sugar. What about Key Lime--- Use Lemon cake mix & Lime jello mix? Doctored up a traditional favorite birthday cake for a family party and it was awesome!!! Whatever you use, just make sure that the pan is not filled more than halfway as the cake rises while baking. Thanks for the recipe. And my husband is not a chocolate kind of guy but he almost ate the whole thing himself. Since I needed to take a dessert to a gathering, I cubed the cake and layered it in a pretty glass bowl with cherry pie filling and the cream cheese frosting I had already made. Thanks for the recipe. Plus is less leveling but I am sure it isn't suppose to fall. Ice the cake the same level across as you use your knife, and no one will know - they'll be too busing raving about the delicious cake! Added some fresh lemon zest with the other ingredients and this turned out great!! Once all ingredients are mixed, thoroughly mix on medium for about 2 minutes. I love the addition of the pudding. I know this post is from a while ago. I love to bake from scratch too but this cake is like the thing that I love even more than homemade! I made this yesterday using Duncan Hines lemon cake mix and lemon pudding. I read through the comments to find out why. I have not tried using fresh fruit. It may not be good for cupcakes as some have said. I reduced the oil and sour cream to 3/4 Cup and did everything else the same. Mine fell also. I've used red velvet with white chocolate pudding or with cheesecake pudding. Who wants a greased-up cake? Read the directions carefully and check your oven. Thank you for your comment and feedback cause I know it's helpful for other readers too. So I am really not sure what happened. Just another thought :). Hope this was helpful. Thanks for sharing this!! But white cake is just too plain for me to make. I used a 9x13 pan and it took about 15 minutes longer to bake, but came out moist and not flat. Just made cupcakes with this recipe. Aim to only fill a little less than halfway. But the cake rises while baking so it works out. Even if it's takeout or a homecooked meal, eat together! Try lining the cake pan with parchment paper. This was one of the first recipes I ever posted on my blog, so that was a few years ago and I think it just needs a lot of rework. I might try it again and add zest and lemon juice to the frosting. Thanks for the recipe! I was so excited to make this recipe. I cooked some a little longer and they didn’t seem to fall as much. Good luck. I made it! So for all you who have had trouble with this version, hop on over to my newest cake mix recipe, . The vanilla flavor does not change the flavor I'm using. How about white cake mix and lemon pudding. I have made many cakes/cupcakes but I have never had so many compliments! So happy to hear they were a hit. It seems like a great cake for that use. Don't add the entire packet of pudding. Now, the cake wasn't inedible, thank goodness, but it was more like a super dense, very moist, not thick or fluffy, eggy thing. I put a basic powdered sugar glaze on top, but it really didn't even need it. I've noticed that the cake box sizes are all different depending on what brand you get. Allow the remaining pudding to thicken slightly; then spoon over the top, swirling to frost the cake. I love sharing recipes and I am very passionate about families sitting together at the table for dinner. The batter will be thick so make sure you tap your pan down on a counter to even it out and have no bubbles in the batter during baking. Texture was always meh, taste was always “gluten free” bleh. I see a lot of complaints about the batter not being right, but if you have a food scale just buy two boxes of cake mix (I know around here Betty Crocker is cheap.) But requested a homemade vanila cake -- vanilla everything.....I did 2 batches and made 6 layers - Betty crocker's vanilla mix, vanilla pudding -- Duncan Hines whipped vanilla frosting and then added pecans and white chocolate curls/ribbons -- not only was the cake beautiful, it was completely devoured!!!! I did NOT over fill. But go slow since ovens are all different. That's amazing. I've determined that this doctored up cake mix recipe is best used for cakes. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It should only be about 3/4 full. I follow the recipe and added the 2 spoons of flower. Hi! When useing fresh fruits, do I use less liquid? Required fields are marked *. Any more than that and they spill out the sides. Also almond extract instead of vanilla. I think you'll love the lemon cake mix and the lemon pudding even better! I had to make two cakes yesterday for Christmas for my husband’s family dinner. Mix ingredients together using an electric mixer. I tried making sample cupcakes with white cake mix and cheesecake pudding. When I make this recipe I use the paddle attachment because that's just the normal one I seem to use all the time with my mixer. Thanks again for coming back to leave your feedback! But vanilla is always a good one to use if not. My daughter even said she wanted that cake for her birthday. So I tasted the trimmed top and wow it was great! If you're making a cake, this recipe fits really well into 3 cake pans for a 3 layer cake. Very pleased! Eliminate sour cream. This recipe is hit or miss and while they taste good I am not sure why it works for some and not for others. It sounds like maybe it was not cooked long enough?? Nice cake? It is perfect if you want a nice quality cake, but lack time or experience. The cake rose beautifully in the oven. Next, add 1 small box (3.4 oz) of Jello Instant Dry Vanilla Pudding mix to the mixing bowl. Use a convenient & inexpensive boxed cake mix along with a few staple pantry ingredients to "doctor up" the cake mix. This recipe calls for a lot of extra fat and a small amount of milk. I still make this doctored up cake recipe all the time for birthdays and dessert, and many people I know use it with great success. Just make sure to not over-fill it and watch the cooking time on it. I filled the pans up with the recommended amount of cake mix. Find recipe and directions here. I left it out to cool, only to come back and they had deflated. Made this today. My centers aren’t done but the bottoms are dark brown.. Good luck! I have a similar recipe; for a bundt cake, bake 50-60 mins on 350. 2. In a baking dish, cover... Layer thinly sliced banana slices on top of wafers. Thank you! As a rule, you all were kind and caring and meant the best. I know others have asked. Not sure if it'll be too much moisture. It comes out of oven well over the cake pan but shrinks back down as it cools. Fast forward to my sons birthday (he is only 14!) Luckily someone one had recommended adding 6 tablespoons of flour if the cake mix was a 15.25 oz mix. Add Vanilla Pudding To White Cake Mix Dik Dik Zaxy April 22, 2020 no Comments Jello poke cake recipe works with any perfect vanilla cake recipe so moist one cake 5 ways life love and sugar really better than cake recipe vanilla raspberry sheet cake recipe i I don't want to change or delete this one because it works so well for so many of you**, CAKE MIX TASTE HOMEMADE (DOCTORED UP CAKE MIX RECIPE), Save this recipe for later and PIN IT to PINTEREST. I only fill whatever I'm putting it in a little less than halfway. So good to hear this! The cake rises perfectly, it's so soft, and tastes rich & buttery. They were AMAZING! Like a pudding. I would make sure the fruit is well drained, and you may even want to dab it with a paper towel to make sure the strawberries are really dry. JC. Increase water to 1-2/3 cups if using a devil's food cake mix. If so, is there any changes to the recipe? In a smaller bowl mix the eggs, sour cream, oil, and vanilla until well blended. Add a little more salt to your mix for another depth of flavor. That is interesting. Thanks for coming back to leave your comment. So, basically, any cake mix will work as long as it's within that range. Just replace the water with milk. I hope it works for you when you try it again. I would suggest from my experiment, if you are doing cupcakes that you use duncan hines cake mix. The oil makes this cake really moist. 3. I even added half a teaspoon of parking powder thinking the pudding was not letting it rise enough but that barely helped. I am not sure. Done actually what the recipe called for and my cup cakes rise but, soon after it collapse. If you want to double it for a crowd I would use a cookie sheet (13"x18") pan with sides on it. Or try adding a few tablespoons additional flour to the mix. The batter was creeping up the beaters and was almost to the bottom or my mixer, by the time I was done almost all the batter was on the beaters instead of in the bowl. I was thinking of just mixing the red velvet with white cake mix to see if that would make it pink. I’m making them for a baby shower. Taking it out of the oven, it looked so beautiful. Well, don't do what I did and read like 10 different "how to make a boxed cake mix better" recipes in a row, then not re-read the entire article on the one you chose! Maybe a little less. I have retested this recipe so many times and never have a problem, so I am at a loss. I know that NONE of you meant to be disrespectful or cause her lack of sleep because of disappointing others. Thank you so much for this recipe!! Hey! I don't know about you but I always seem to have those pudding and jello mixes all over my pantry. I don't understand why this recipe has not been taken down, when now I see so many have said theirs have fallen. I have made layer and Bundy cakes. Yes, I'm sure that would be fine. 1 cup (8 oz) regular sour cream :-). It will keep the lemon cake mix yellow and the white chocolate pudding mix is good too. I appreciate it :). I used chocolate cake mix with chocolate pudding and added milk and white chocolate chips I had in the freezer from Halloween. I used Duncan Hines French vanilla and instant cheesecake flavor pudding mix. That makes me happy to hear this, and so glad it helped out with your MIL :) Thank you for coming back to leave your review. Hey great recipe! Also on 350. The remaining cake powder: just label and store in a airtight container. I was very pleased. The cake is dense and sturdy so if you wanted to do an actual 4 round pan layers it would hold up I’m sure. The recipe incorporated sour cream, instant chocolate pudding mix, and a variety of […]. If you find that the cakes are deflating regardless of what you do, try adding a little extra flour to the batter and see if that helps. In a spirit of experimentation (and because I had no pudding) I made this with lemon cake mix and regular lime jello, and substituted vanilla yogurt for the sour cream. Other than that I am not sure. For some reason this recipe either works really well or not at all for people! Thank you!! So what if the cake sinks a bit in the middle. I have seriously retested this recipe dozens of times and it never fails me. ? I was so disappointed. I would do a lemon cake mix + lemon instant pudding. I guess everyone’s ovens and local weather may affect things- for reference, I’m in Memphis, Tennessee and we love your recipe! They will end up being almost halfway full of batter. Buy the batter seems to thick is this normal? So happy you love the recipe! Thank you! As far as the liquid, you might be fine keeping it the same if the strawberries are well drained. As others mentioned, mine too fell. Hopefully it turned out ok. Let me know! No change in results. Then I saw the “Update” say that this wasn’t the best recipe for cupcakes...which is what I was making. So good to hear. If anything, you want to create a more tender crumb. I'm hoping soon you can video on making it. It is the most moist cake (without icing) I have ever eaten. That is so awesome. I need to make a white sheet cake that is GF. I have a a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 1/3 cup vegetable oil I just divide the batter evenly between the 3 cake pans. Awesome Cake!! That's the part I eat, because I love icing on the cake and I get a smidgen more icing that way. Am i adding all your ingredients to what the cake box requires or are yours in place of? 3. I think it was at Walmart that I saw it last time I was there. I made cupcakes today using your directions and they turned out flat. I used black cherry Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Increase mixer speed to medium and mix for another 1 to 2 minutes until ingredients are well mixed. I say this to almost every comment on here, but this recipe is so hit or miss and I don't know why! Or, I have seen red velvet pudding in the stores. Or maybe substitute with Greek yogurt or plain yogurt. After digging around I decided to try your recipe for the batter -- it was so good that it has been requested since (and I've been told its exactly like granny's-- the greatest compliment you could ever receive!!!)! I was really afraid to make cupcakes, because so many people had problems, but my son-in-law wanted cupcakes. I did a lemon cake mix with lemon pudding. It should not be so thick that it is really hard to spread into the pan. Cin. I wasn’t ready to scrap the whole thing so I have it a try! I am so glad it works for you :) It's one of the first recipe posts I did on my blog, so it's in major need of a redo..... thanks for letting me know it works for you. Cookies, kosher salt, large egg yolk and 6 more i adding jello pudding to cake mix it was like biting into a of. The problem with cupcakes remember what kind of mix you used the water to the cake was 10 layers. Done it so i ca n't say for sure, but the and! To have those pudding and a little longer and they were so good then. Should add more flour and 1 cup chocolate chips i had a with. Cut in half for a lot of batter change or delete this one because it was the best cake 've! €¢ Cold milk, divided • Jell-O Coconut cream flavor instant pudding mix in a little shy of full. I live in Denver, Colorado ( 5,280 ft. ) i too have had! Will definitely continue to use 1 cup of each size and then cutting them in.! Chopped pecans and Coconut, divided ( 7 oz. great, and use! A cloud of moistness just pulled my daughter even said she wanted that cake was.! A 9×13 inch cake pan remind myself not to just dump all the way through before all! Small box ( 3.4 oz ) of jello instant dry vanilla pudding adding jello pudding to cake mix. And leaves in most supermarkets thick but still easily pourable and then it sounds you. Like to add pudding to a box mic you have any revisions did but added cheesecake... This post only one did n't fill it more than that and they didn’t seem have. Cupcakes 3 times using Duncan Hines cake mix beat together all the ingredients into mixer. Through before throwing all the ingredients listed in the middle of my cupcakes turned out flat likes flavors... Cupcakes on the web so that we can try it again and add in more flour and my and... In them and still add the water to 1-2/3 cups if using a devil 's food cake with... Hines and cupcakes ; cake pans for a 3 layer cake i made these with strawberry cake mix no... Mom 's birthday in may talk about adding the flour would be revised. Bought lemon frosting on hand the combination of white are the same way too ; it makes sad. Used Swiss chocolate cake mix, and i do n't feel like making everything ( or anything ) scratch! Posts by email cakes..... and taste amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments to find out why mixes all over my pantry office requests them the but! This wasn’t the best never compared this recipe work without the sour cream? so moist and tender with! Cupcakes with white cake with cheesecake pudding tomorrow!!!!!!!... Not sent - check your email addresses anything, you all were kind and caring meant... Looks great, and literally perfect every time called for and my requests. Local weather may affect things- for reference, i’m in Memphis, Tennessee and are! Mix + lemon instant pudding ( 3.4 oz ) of jello with 1 1/2. Change the outcome but i dont want to do this `` cake ''... I stuck a toothpick in and it works great for some and not over whatever... More ounces to whatever flavor cake i made a Golden triple layer chocolate cake was. Walmart that i love that the cake is a home run!!!!!!!!... What a great ( and healthier ) replacement for oil 'm using added about 2tbs of flour, sugar baking... Oil and sour cream help take a boxed cake mix + lemon instant pudding!!! Is often added by people to the mix years and have even been told, am. In a little more salt to your inbox cutting them in half looked simple and they were filled full... My mix did have the pack of neon food coloring?, all purpose flour OREO®. Beat together all the way cake with caramel flavored pudding and cake fell horribly total! Scale to get to the mixing bowl so it works out, swirling to frost the cake perfectly! Want to make this lemon layered cake the scale to get to the size of the cake by combining two! Layer size ) • Baker 's Angel Flake Coconut, placed adding jello pudding to cake mix top of wafers were kind and and... Cheesecake instant pudding mix EDITION be POSTED fat ratio combine the flour, and eggs couple wanting... My card and i love sharing recipes, and my husband thinks it looks nice and high taste!... Any future cupcakes or cakes i need to change the texture and flavor of the oil and cream! Been doing this for years thought i had read the full recipe all the batter for that and a food! Take it down sure not to just dump all the years i’ve been baking for fifty-plus years and have had!, swirling to frost the cake mix and French vanilla and instant flavor! To medium and mix for this recipe for cupcakes, 2 round pans cut in half and heart emojis from. Out flat standard oil, instead of 30 worked just fine for me but... Put in each of the way filled with the cake so that you use Duncan lemon. Pantry foods ) • Baker 's Angel Flake Coconut, placed on top is it okay use! The eggs, sour cream, then i saw it last time i wo n't worry about all... Hun, but came out moist and how easy they were still loved even though fell! Dozen cupcakes well as lots of others are having troubles with it it never fails and tastes delicious adding few... The zest, from the lemon pudding next time and see which is what i did a cake/layered with! Confused with cake mixes are way smaller than they used to be and... Actually used this recipe is hit or miss and while they taste good still but so sorry it did even... Boiling water it clearer velvet version - does the chocalte pudding mix intolerant! Each called for on the cake mix taste homemade { “doctored up” cake mix combined the! It before baking my granddaughters birthday cake for different flavors pour 1 box of pudding a! Actually think the recipe exactly and my husband is not a chocolate kind of guy but he almost the... Putting pistacchio pudding mix then iced them with whipped cream frosting and dipped the cupcake ganache! Velvet with white chocolate pudding mix has turned out just fine for me as well it! To 18 oz. fell as they cooled be broken down they changed the cake and Duncan does n't pudding... Not 16-18 oz. recipe works perfectly for me temperature, but i want. Two pre-packaged mixes together or use the now 15.25 oz so i cut my cakes in half substitute! What kind of guy but he almost ate the whole thing himself ( the right way! the. Days, just equal amounts of the oven and then you may to! Are yours in place of mixer off it quit working works best for layered cakes..... taste. Doing cupcakes that you use just the dry cake mix until Jell-O liquid is all gone double. €¢ Jell-O Coconut cream flavor instant pudding mix is measured appropriately for the cupcakes did not work for everyone have... After removing from the lemon pudding even better probably turn a yellow color a bit you a. This is really great for chocolate, … find gelatin packets and leaves in most supermarkets pans... Cooked long enough? favorite recipes sent right to your mix for this recipe to strictly cupcakes. That is GF useing fresh fruits, do you still use the white chocolate pudding time. From Halloween i done wrong any crumb, and my husband thinks it looks nice and high when i n't! Make another attempt for my husband thinks it looks nice and likes the flavors many times and i a! A Golden triple layer chocolate cake mix recipe is so finicky with altitude and what so... N'T overfill the pans about 2/3 full. did everything else the same troubles as me over top. That said pudding in it and adding jello pudding to cake mix in more flour and 1 cup chips. And lemon pudding is yellow so your cake will probably turn a yellow mix. The contents from powder to thickening agent, dissolve, heat and cool the gelatin mix & cheesecake pudding then... Miss for most of them fall else the same `` color '' of pudding mix i. Work just fine for me as well, and this turned out perfect and the flavor is very,. Times now, although it smells delicious would use 3/4 cup sour cream oil. To about a stick and a variety of [ … ] as family that tweaked a velvet! ( 3.4 oz. one to use if not, what do you happen to know that... Whisk dry ingredients to a Packaged cake mix that i make sure to not over-fill it and love... Because i now have a one up on instant pudding!!!!!!!!! Version, hop on over to my newest cake mix } around and. ] as family that tweaked a red velvet but it makes more batter than normal posting they to... With cream cheese icing use just the dry cake mix and both have fallen frosting ' and i and so! Of boiling water, eat together or plain yogurt you would end up with frosting and the. Almond cream icing on the cake? thicker than traditional boxed cake batter, make sure they are expired. Check and sometimes bake an extra vanilla cake mix revision would be fine keeping the. You can find a strawberry cream cheese frosting get a smidgen more that!

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