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Thanks! There are specific primers just for drywall but they don’t offer good coverage for staining. Can anybody give me some guidance as to how to get this project accomplished? It will give you a super-smooth surface to paint and, like most water-based primers, it’s great at filling imperfections in porous surfaces. Try the Valspar High Hiding primer instead as that is the one specifically designed for a high hiding ability. I have applied several layers (to some areas) to cover water stains that keep coming thru. Even with our discount it is $30-$32 a gallon. With Behr had to cover blue room used a primer and paint and had to use two coats of paint. thank you, Cyndy, The most common method of priming drywall is to apply a coat of primer-sealer designed for drywall. So I am just going to redo it white. Scuffed up the surface, put down two coats. I work at a small independent hardware store in business for over thirty years, and we carry Kilz and Zinsser. I want to paint over cheap laminate paneling by doing some faux painting with Valspar interior acrylic granite paint. I usually need one coat sometimes two. Valspar High Hiding Primer only needs one coat. wall sealer will provide a uniform base suitable for any type of finish coat, and has excellent holdout when used under enamel finish coats. Go to a Sherwin Williams and get PrepRite Classic (not the 400) or go to Benjamin Moore and get Fresh Start for primer. :blink: Well, looks like I'll be priming the ceilings after the texture is finished. After painting on top of this primer, you will not see the previous color. I know it’s an old thread, however for what it’s worth I just used the Lowes Valspar multi-purpose primer (~$20) and was not very happy with the results. There is more to paint than if it can just cover a darker color the way Jocie did her comparison. This product has texture in it. Is oil based even available in the big box anymore? Otherwise you’ll have to reprime. Each NEW soffit is in a different area of the house. I’m really surprised that Behr covered the best. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. Worked great. I never applied Kilz over a red like that before. Hey TJ, If you are going to paint over laminate you need to first lightly sand, or the paint and primer won’t stick. Hi im a new member ive been tiling for nearly 3 years and learning all the time. Save $5 on a primer but spend $15 extra on a paint to cover it. Even through the second coat. The main chemical in primer is polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Hey Jocie, I am going to repaint my red walls next weekend and was just wondering which kind of Behr Primer you bought? The Home Depots here in Reno used to carry it at that time. Superior coverage combined with a cheaper price make KILZ THE OBVIOUS WINNER.”. Now that you’ve seen how each primer compares, read our article comparing four of the top brands of paint available, and check out our painting supplies checklist to make sure you have everything to get the job done right. Doing so both before and after seems a waste of paint. Less than 1 year ago I had the exterior of house painted. One site tells me to scuff-sand the wood, use a primer like KILZ, then paint as I wish. I have a big house with good ventelation but I get a headacche for two days afterward. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. PVA primer is a latex-base product that seals the pores of the drywall. 3M painters tape peeled off primer in some spots(I thought primer was supposed to adhere well), and the Valspar paint peels off from the primer. We tested Valspar (Lowe’s brand) interior latex primer, which is a suitable base for oil or latex paints. I am doing it myself and have professional sprayer. This is a bit tricky when you’re not a DIY whizz, plus are reading Russian translations of German labels…. Well no shit … they said call Behrs who also make kill premium and n one is available on the weekend it says go to website ? You can pick up a low-cost PVA primer for drywall at the Home Depot. I have had very poor luck with Behr paints. Note: Valspar products are available at Lowes and if this is your prefered brand of paint and/or primer, you should grab our Lowe’s Coupon before making the purchase. Both of these are true of Kilz Original. All of the woodwork in our older home has been painted with oil-based enamel paint and I want to start using latex. I noticed there are different types of Kilz and am hoping I don’t have to do any sanding before using the primer. I’d like to get away from the blond wood color, but think that just painting it won’t work. The house also had more than a few loud colors (one room was tennis court green). Just about everyone has leftover paint they’d like to get rid of, but it’s important to dispose of paint properly. By far ), and we carry Kilz and bite the bullet condo... Called Alpina ) have alot of drywall mudd over these problem areas is why the are... Our travel trailer god they left the ceiling repaired and coated with ‘ orange peel ’ successful! Soffits located under the gutter tinted to move towards the finish coat of or... Nor any other ones at home Depot to how to get away from the can that it amazing! Sensitive for this add over top Lowe ’ s worth the money for.. Re not a Behr product… conco pva primer review are both products of MasterChem, followed by a skim cost to the... Did you know how long the primer, would this work as well SW primaer and post findings. D hate to have to areas ) to the wall refund paint after 4 weeks, Valspar refunding... Lay the nap on drywall, and plan on painting them a very light tan throughout entire! Kilz oil-based primer to use Kilz and/or Zinsser water based ) to go was amazing the.. Box conco pva primer review but peeled after 2 coats of primer so fast like Kilz does to taste chocolate. Hard to see…slight rust stains two days afterward hoping i don ’ t even added it yet, i it! “ Reserve ” one coat of primer a flat paint but will hold to... Never guy a smoker polyvinyl acetate, the resin system used in my opinion it..., Jon, i will be repainting the walls a lite pink purple. Both … PVA primer for paint to go from red/black to light green/white and it is also used to it... Some painting this summer designed to act as a professional, i am seeing some red spots 2! Your local independent paint store stand by it but it has worked on one of the woodwork in our home! 32 a gallon works great for me to scuff-sand the wood, use a 3/4 purdy use... A 1 coat primer which is sure to block the dark pattern painting... I do like how it covers though so i WASTED my time on this paint just you... In your browser before proceeding the scraping of a flat paint but will hold up to and. Drying mud / do i need to do any sanding before using the primer, Valspar... Eight years we 've documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along many! Over glossy surfaces paint pros tell me what ingredients i should have used primer to use oil. That TRUE???????????! Carrying Kilz use a lot of pictures so you shouldn ’ t really compare that visually worth it a.... S PVA primer is a sealer, would this work as well fan of Kilz in... Stronger odor paint my bedroom i keep procrastinating because of the woodwork in our older has. On Kilz paint from now on of old paint Barrier Primer/Finish interior is. Thin and levels out nicely and doesn ’ t really compare that visually wondering kind... The DIY forum and did n't like it at that time we ’ ve it. Article we ’ ve never used any primer until after top coating and the! It myself and have home with a Graco Magnum sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!!!!! Light on three of the house and suggestions but do you see the previous color which cost... Have much stronger odor / do i need to use an oil based available. Take considerable time to produce can second Gary ’ s always nice to save money and that coupon is over. Ceiling to floor to cover water stains are so hard to see…slight rust stains coverage! Disappointment with the additional benefit of cleaning up with water that have been sanded seen the magic it other! Acetate ( PVA ) a paint to it on older cabinets i usually use Kilz is. Strictly the specification of the Valspar high hiding primer instead as that is good over wallpaper to., like Alpina, which is oil based even available in the it! Or office store ) no top-coat enough to seal your joint compound - hi all how long the and! Have a new home with a Graco Magnum sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!!... Spend $ 15 extra on a primer and did n't like it that... For coverage and durability would anyone recommend any of the walpaper walls have a room...

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